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Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review - Mad Mercs Airsoft reviews Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review - Mad Mercs Airsoft reviews

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review



Item was supplied from Tokyo Model Company. Their communications were and seem to always be awesome; they understood my queries perfectly and shipped the item quickly. I remember last time I ordered a few small extra parts and they were thrown in the box and no extra postage costs charged for them. You can find the product here!

 Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review


The parcel was packaged in the rifles box with the lid turned inside out so the package looked like a plain box in case customs open the package. The box was wrapped in a good few layers of thick parcel paper which seems to be reinforced. Then to make sure all of that was secure there was a couple of layers of parcel tape around the parcel.

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review


Postage on this was a nightmare. The item actually got into the country within 3 days of being posted which was fantastic, but this is only where the fun began. I spent the next 25 days dealing with customs to get the parcel released. I have UKARA which when they did a database search they said “we cannot find you on there”. I phone them up and within a day I get the okay it’s checked out okay. I thought great but that was the start of the nightmare. It got told that is had been passed from department to department, but it never actually did. It was the same team doing each part and they were querying the contents. Why, I proved my defence so why take further time to query the contents. It’s not real and after checking the rifle out in the 1st Impressions you will see for sure it’s not real.

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

1st Impressions:

The HK licensed box that the rifle comes in adds a nice touch to the rifle if you are in for the fully licensed side of things. It’s not over powering with “H&K” and “No compromise” on the box and then just a few of the basic specs of the rifle. Powered by Umarex and the two official distributors are mentioned. Smart team (S&T) and then Union fire company (UFC). It’s made in china but as Smart Team seems to be a rebranded from what I can see with my research then the maker of this is unknown. It has qualities about it of ARES but it also has qualities of a cheap clone of ARES.

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review


Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

This looks like the rifle has been carefully crafted for 80% of the rifle and then they went, it’s the sportline. Let’s make it look horrible with cheap plastic to finish it off.

Taking off the hand guard they have also made the barrel mount cheap too. Where on the ARES the barrel and screw mount is all metal this is plastic and I cannot get it undone.

Taking the rifle down to the main parts is identical to the ARES design for the G36. I was surprised to see a RED inner barrel. I have now come across, Black, Blue, Silver, Aluminium grey, Gold/Brass colour inner barrels.

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review


I decided as this is primarily for the entry side of the sport that I would not do the firing review. I was going to a skirmish with a friend of mine that has never skirmished before. I gave him the rifle, 4 magazines and told him to have fun but wanted him to tell me his impressions on the rifle. A day of skirmishing, hear hit getting hit and him hitting other players I asked him how it faired. He advised me that is was “sick” and that there was not really any problems using the rifle. His other mates were using Hire rifles which again were G36’s but were chrono’d in at a higher power of 330fps and not the lower 290fps this rifle came in at.

He was surprised at the range and accuracy. I had literally just fired 10 shots to adjust the hop to a decent range by eye and let him rip with it.

After a while it was drawing in the attention of the marshals as they were interested if the rifle was upgraded etc. He said it was new and there was nothing done to it. They smiled and walked off chatting about the rifle.

The rifle occasionally jammed for no reason and it was not down to the ammo as it was decent Blaster BB’s that were being used in the rifle.

All in all from what my mate was saying is that this rifle was getting him a lot of kills, a lot of enjoyment and virtually no negative points.

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review


The rifle held up well to being in the hands of a novice and someone that does take care of what is given to them but again is a bit clumsy with how they hold the rifle and catch it on things. I try to move about in a sneaky and stealth like manor and use the skills that I have been taught over many years within Airsoft and previously that the Army Cadets to move the rifle where I look. My friend just ran and pointed when shooting. This meant it took more abuse as running for cover he would end up catching the rifle on a wall or in a bush.

I have found what I thought to be cheap plastic has held up and not cracked or damaged as I thought it would.
I did have to ditch the battery supplied and fit a Li-Po to it as the battery would not hold charge and when I got it to hold charge it discharged faster than any other battery I have used before.

Umarex HK Licensed S&T G36C Sportline AEG Review


Overall, cheap and cheerful is all I can say for this as that is what I saw from when I did the initial un-boxing, setting the hop unit and firing it to test the power.
Feedback from my friend and others that saw him use it tells a different story. It may be cheap and it may look cheap with some of the components but the rest of it turns heads. I have been asked for it to be leant out again at every skirmish he goes to as it is that good. If he could afford to buy it he would without hesitation (Of course he has to do what is needed to meet the defence criteria on the VCRA in the UK before I could sell him it).

If you are looking for a nice trademarked rifle which won’t break the bank then I suggest that this is a great starting point. You will find 1 problem with the magazines and that is there are not many pouches available for this. If you want though you can make it look a bit uglier and use an M4 magazine adapter in the rifle and then you can carry normal M4 magazines with ease.


Cost: 9/10

Accessories: 4/10

Usability: 7/10

Construction: 6/10

Functionality: 9/10

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